Sunday, August 5, 2012

Last Monday I had a doctor appointment with my doctor, apparently my meds are doing ok, but he had to up one of my hormone therapy meds. And he was happy that I lost weight, but since my risk for a heart attack is so high he has me on something to help my body drop the weight quickly. So far I have lost 5 more pounds last week with just working at work. (That in itself is considered a 12 hour cardiac workout itself.) It suppressed my appetite, I had no idea how much I actually ate in one sit down. No wonder I had a hard time losing weight. I eat a mere fraction now, and if I over eat I am sick to my stomach. I have to choose what I eat wisely and eat healthy foods that do me good. I make sure I get the protein, and the veggies and fruit I need. My desire for junk food is all but gone, I drink a ton of water and if I get a soda I can't finish it. I have to be picky and choosey about what I put in now and I am enjoying it. My energy is through the roof, so I totally burn a whole lot more than I take in. If I keep this rate up, I will be at my goal weight of 140 lbs by my birthday next year. I finally feel like I am making progress, and when I add my hardcore workouts in it will go faster. 

My clothes do not fit me anymore, they hang on me. But my other clothes are still too small. I'm inbetween, how do you shop for clothes when you will just blow by that size? But I will definatley have to invest in a smaller size in scrubs. The ones I have are literally falling off of my body. I am so loving this!!


  1. Way to go Alene!!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!! You continue to inspire me to keep working out :) Way to go girl!