Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tired of this plateau and a bit about my barrel racing goals.

Since my last entry, I have hung out at the same weight, plus or minus a few pounds. I was getting tired of trying and nothing happening again. So I broke down and ordered Les Mill Pump. It's a workout by Beachbody that requires you to lift weights to some killer music. I have been doing it for a few weeks and I notice the muscle tone, and I do feel stronger. But I either weight the same (building muscle) or I gain weight.

At my last doctor appointment, my doctor wanted to make sure my hormones, mainly my T3's were behaving themselves to rule out my plateau. They were just fine. (Thank goodness, no increasing my Armour medication.) So it's a true blue plateau. I have decided to increase my calories and add my cardio to my weight lifting. My calories will be clean. My carbs will be complex and I will still take in more lean protein and stay away from all things white. I will just need to increase my intake which will feel real strange. I did join a challenge on the Turbo Fire fan page on facebook. Sounds like it will be huge, so I want to do this. If I am one of the 10 winners, I will get some sweet workout wear. As in shorts, t-shirts and a sweet jacket. Plus, I will win in winning over my body. I know it goes through this starvatin mode, because at work I get so busy I forget to eat. I won't lose weight that way, so I must make my metabolism think it's not going through a famine. Here's to eating a bunch of clean calories and losing more weight. Along with Turbo Fire and Les Mills Pump.

On another note, my colt will be 10 months old on the first of March. He is already 14 hands and that is tall for a colt of his age. He is estimated to mature at 16.1 hands tall (Hands are in 4 inch incriments, so 16.1x4 and you get how many inches he will be tall from his withers (shoulders)) Plus, with barrel racing I need to be in tip top shape to be able to stay with him on those tight, rocket speed turns. Was not easy while I had on 250lbs. I literally gave up, but I didn't want to quit. So my goal is to be at 140 (hopefully more like 130-135) by the time he is 2 years old. So, I am pretty desperate to get there. Him being 10 months old now, I am running out of time. And here is a picture of the cutie. (He is actually 6 months old in this picture. He has grown much taller since this one has been taken.)