Friday, May 20, 2011

Well yesterday was my first day of Turbo Fire. I am starting the Prep schedule which eases you into the main schedule with all the HIIT workouts. It did kick my butt, but after about an hour or two of recovering I had this sudden burst of energy and had to do something, so my kitchen was spotless, the fam had dinner on time and dinner dishes were done. My husband was pleasantly surprised and had a happy tune last night. I had a good night of sleep. I am a bit stressed though as my work (Mountain View Hospital) has been calling me off a lot lately due to a low census. My paychecks are very skimpy and it worries me. I know, I am PRN (as needed) so I'm the first to get called off, but that doesn't make it any easier. I just hope this added stress doesn't curb my weight loss. :(

My stats as of yesterday - I will be measuring and weighing myself monthly.

Chest - 45.5
R. Arm - 14.0
L. Arm - 15.0
Waist - 42.0
Hips - 52.0
R. Thigh - 28.5
L. Thigh - 28.5

Total Inches - 225.5
Weight - 247.5

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ok, it's been a while. I changed jobs and am now employed at one of the local hospitals. These 12 hour shifts test me endurance, but since I just ordered the Turbo Fire today I am hoping I can summon the energy. I know that when I lose more, I will gain that long lost energy. And finding out that I can't tolerate gluten will be trying as I lose weight. I also had a nurse think that it sounds like my gall bladder is giving me my problems, but even if it was I refuse to go into surgery over weight. I plan waiting until then and when my insurance kicks in before I go through any tests. But I can't wait until my Turbo Fire set gets here! I loved Turbo Jam and lost weight with those, but I want to amp things up.