Sunday, November 21, 2010

Introduction to me.

This is my journey to become a healthier, happier me. Not only for me but for my children, husband and yes my horse. I barrel race but am not able to be competitive with all this weight I have on me, I know my poor mare would absolutely LOVE it if I lost my excess baggage.

Ok about me..

I am what some would call a tall girl. I am 5'9 and usually average weight is around 135 - 145 lbs.
I really never had a hard time with my weight, if I gained some weight all I had to do was amp up my workouts, never really had to diet at all. I was pretty high energy and was very active and enjoyed horseback riding every chance I got. If I could I would have lived on a horse.

I had my son 11 years ago and during that pregnancy I gained 80 lbs. But had no problem losing all of it with in 6 months. And sustained my weight until I became pregnant with my daughter who is now 4 years old. I gained a whopping 100 lbs with her and didn't lose it. I am still carrying it around on me 4 years later and I am very tired of it. I am having problems with my joints and I know my immune system is compromised because of this excess weight. Plus the fact that heart disease and diabetes runs in my family I am very scared.

I work as a CNA so I am not completely non active, but could be more active but I get so tired very easily. I know I would enjoy life and become as active as I used to be, so I have decided to eat more healthier. I would eat out because of work and to get out of cooking meals so I wouldn't really have to clean up..lazy I know. I am very ashamed of it, but all of this is going to change. NOW!

I will be posting my meals and activities daily, but weighing myself weekly.

My starting stats - 11/20/2010

Weight - 250 lbs
Size of pants - 22
How I feel - Craptastic, I have come down with a virus so no activities. Slept quite a bit but ate very healthy.