Monday, April 8, 2013


Today (4/8/2013) I feel like crap, in fact since I went out to eat last Friday I have felt like crap. I have been gluten and dairy free for a month now and I eat something that had to have been contaminated with gluten and I have been feeling like crap since. I do not like eating out anymore, it doesn't hold that excitement for me. I am actually quite fearful anymore. I'd rather cook my own meals so I know what is in them. I gained 5 pounds since then and I am waiting to feel better. It's Monday and I've been waiting 4 days to feel better. Ugh.....

Anyways, I have incorporated jogging into my Pump excercises and before Thursday I was down to 211 pounds. I do look slender besides the obvious tummy bloat and hopefully that will just go away soon.

I am headed out to the treadmill since it is cold, wet and dreary outside. Going to run my 1 mile, then do my weights. On call today for work so that may change. Hopefully feeling better and shaking this crappy feeling soon.