Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Do I see abs?!

Do I dare say that I am seeing the beginnings of my abs? I sure hope so! I have missed them horribly, and I have missed my figure. I have been stuck at this weight for months now, but my waist has been shrinking. And my legs and arms have some serious tone in them. I've been completely focused on melting the fat WHILE building my muscle. I have seen tremendous results when I do both cardio AND weights. I have been running also and have finally made it to a 14 minute mile instead of a 20 minute mile. My goal is to get to a 10 minute mile and get my endurance up to 5 miles without having to walk a few paces to catch my breath...stupid asthma. My hope is also as I lose this weight, my asthma chills out. And running has done wonders in building my lungs. I am still doing Les Mills COmbat/Pump combos 5 days a week and have increased my calories. (Healthy calories mind you) Yes, every once in a while I will have a little something like chocloate, but I believe in NOT depriving yourself. Hopefully in a few more months I will see even more definition...and screw the scale. It's not my friend anyways, I obsess on that dang number it actually inhibits me. So the scale is a big no no for me except for every Monday, maybe longer. I am excited to see my results a few months from now! I am determined to keep this up throughout nursing school!


  1. Holy freaking crap, you look awesome!!! Wow, its great to see how much progress you have made :) way to go!!!!

  2. Thank you so much. I am excited about life again....